Regional Offices

Regional offices play a leading role in conducting the federal environmental assessment process across Canada, except for projects regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission or the National Energy Board. They also work in consultation with provincial and territorial governments to ensure an efficient and timely environmental assessment process.

An important role of our regional offices is to make federal environmental assessment accessible to the public by:

  • implementing the Act and its regulations, including opportunities for public participation;
  • working with Aboriginal groups during the environmental assessment process to understand and address potential impacts of projects on Aboriginal rights and traditional land uses;
  • providing information on the federal environmental assessment process; and
  • serving as a point of contact with other federal agencies involved in federal environmental assessment.

Atlantic Office

200-1801 Hollis Street
Halifax, NS B3J 3N4
Tel.: 902-426-0564
Fax: 902-426-6550

Quebec Office

901-1550, d'Estimauville Avenue
Quebec, QC G1J 0C1
Tel.: 418-649-6444
Fax: 418-649-6443

Ontario Office

55 St. Clair Avenue East, Room 907
Toronto, ON M4T 1M2
Tel.: 416-952-1576
Fax: 416-952-1573

Prairie and Northern Regional Office

Canada Place
9700 Jasper Avenue, Suite 1145
Edmonton, AB T5J 4C3
Tel.: 780-495-2037
Fax: 780-495-2876

Pacific and Yukon Office

410-701 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6
Tel.: 604-666-2431
Fax: 604-666-6990