Cumulative Effects Assessment Practitioners' Guide


In late 1996, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency assembled an independent Working Group [The CEA Working Group consists of the following individuals: George Hegmann Impact Assessment Specialist, AXYS Environmental Consulting Ltd., Calgary, Alberta (principal author of the Guide) Dr. Chris Cocklin Professor, Department of Geography & Environmental Science, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia Roger Creasey Advisor, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, Calgary, Alberta Sylvie Dupuis Analyst, Strategic Operations Branch, Environmental Protection Services, Environment Canada, Hull, Quebec Dr. Alan Kennedy Environmental Specialist, Imperial Oil Resources Limited, Calgary, Alberta Louise Kingsley Environmental Consultant, Wakefield, Quebec Dr. William Ross Professor, Environmental Science Program, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta Dr. Harry Spaling Professor, Environmental Studies and Geography, King's University College, Edmonton, Alberta Don Stalker Environmental Assessment Officer, Environmental Assessment Branch, Environment Canada, Hull, Quebec] of specialists on Environmental Impact Assessment and Cumulative Effects Assessment to provide further practical direction and information to practitioners on assessing cumulative effects. Based on direction, editorial comment and material provided by the Working Group, the Agency contracted AXYS Environmental Consulting Ltd. to prepare this Guide.

The Guide represents the result of a collaborative effort between the Agency and the Working Group. Public consultation sessions were also held by the Agency in the winter of 1998 to solicit comment on a Discussion Draft released in December 1997 for public review. Due to the breadth of comments, not all could be addressed.

Thanks go to Patricia Vonk and Jeffrey Green of AXYS Environmental Consulting Ltd. for technical review and edit of early drafts. Special thanks to Sylvie Dupuis for her ongoing interest and support in initiating and facilitating the Working Group in the first year as a member of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, to Catherine Badke of the Agency for chairing the Working Group in the second year, and to Robyn Virtue and Brad Parker of the Agency for overseeing final production of the Guide.

Also thanks to the many members of the Canadian public who provided comments about the Guide during the public consultation sessions. The extensive oral and written comments contributed to considerable improvements in later versions of the Guide.