Opposing Feedback Regarding the Georgina Island Fixed Link Project

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To The Impact Agency ?of Canada,

My name is Brad Walker, my father Addison Walker purchased a lot in 1958 on McRae Beach South and began to build our family cottage. In 1983, after my father’s passing, I purchased our family cottage from my Mother and made it my permanent family home where my wife and I have resided ever since, and have raised our two daughters. Over the years, with family and friends, we have enjoyed the lifestyle Lake Simcoe has offered, swimming, boating, waterskiing and the enjoyment of (in my opinion) the best sunsets in the world. Over the last 40 years, we have done our part in protecting the waters of Lake Simcoe although we have seen disappointing changes to the quality of the lake (e.g., zebra mussel invasion and higher phosphorus levels - which brought weed beds that were never seen 20 years ago). Over the years we have been given false promises from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority, and various levels of Government to protect the quality of our lake. Now, we are yet again faced with another challenge. This time, we are up against a man made causeway that will impact the ecosystem of our Lake Simcoe Bay in the worst ways possible, ways in which we could have never imagined. One main fear is that the causeway will change our bay to become a marshy, stagnant cesspool. As a 40 year resident, and a recently new Grandfather (as of May 26th) I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken to think that my grandkids will never get to enjoy the waters of Lake Simcoe like I have and my family has.

My feedback would be to consider alternative forms of transportation to Georgina Island other than a Fixed Link. One alternative form would be an environmentally friendly, icebreaking electric ferry that can be used twelve months of the year. It is a safer solution in winter months, as the travel across the Fixed Link could be icey and dangerous for residents of Georgina Island, and environmentally damaging to our lake (e.g., sand and salt run off) .This solution would provide a safer and more convenient way of getting across to Georgina Island, while preserving the ecological and environmental issues - ultimately allowing residents on both the Island and the Mainland to continue enjoying the beautiful shores of Lake Simcoe with their families.

Signed, a hopeful resident of Georgina
- Brad Walker

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Brad Walker
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2022-05-28 - 9:53 PM
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