From Hiawatha First Nation to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada - Comments Regarding the GTA West Project

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Aaniin Ian,


As MTO is exempt from the regulatory requirements of the CAA, Hiawatha First Nation takes the same stance as the TRCA  with significant concerns that here is no mechanism in place to protection of significant wetlands, woodlands and species habitat We have concerns with this exemption, noting that in its view, the usual environmental developmental permit requirements for flood plain under s.28 of the CAA does not apply to this proponent and the proposed exemption would fail to protect the natural heritage features.


The highway will destroy or partially destroy 75 wetlands, 28 which are PSW. These wetlands are critical to the health of the Humber Etobicoke and Credit watersheds. The support numerous breeding ponds and swamp and marshes and many rare plants and animal species, This will have an impact on our inherent rights when it comes to harvesting traditional medicines that are grown in these wetlands.


There is a high potential of Archaeological sites belonging to First Nations and we also feel that there would be significant cultural heritage loss as well. There is a potential  of destruction of burial sites as well as sacred sites. These concerns need to be discussed and consultation with all seven Williams Treaties signatories needs to take place.


Mno nendam ghiizhigad.

Tom Cowie

Lands/Resources Consultation


Hiawatha First Nation

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