Protect the Fraser Estuary and Roberts Bank

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I remain very concerned about any further port expansion on Roberts Bank. It is evident that the Fraser Estuary is at a tipping point. With over 80% of its natural habitat already lost this ecosystem cannot withstand any further port or industrial development.

In case you are not aware the Fraser Estuary, which includes all of Roberts Bank was recently certified as a Key Biodiversity Area, further underlining the critical importance of this ecosystem. The federal environment minister supported and welcomed this designation.

Its environmental values are well documented, the risks to further port or industrial development on Roberts Bank are well known.

Furthermore what is now evident is that Vancouver area port facilities do not need any further container terminal expansion beyond what is already in progress.


1. Because Prince Rupert has embarked on significant container terminal expansion that are sufficient for West Coast Canada’s trading needs for decades to come.

2. Because Vancouver container terminals handle US container traffic - as much as 25% of its total - and there is evidence that a good percentage of this traffic is already diverting via the expanded Panama Canal to Gulf and East Coast Ports. (Amongst other reports see (

3. Vancouver area container terminal volumes are languishing well below the 5% annual increases that the Port of Vancouver forecasted. In fact the ten year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is less than 3%. Furtermore there exists sufficient west coast container terminal capaicity to last into the 2030s at which point Prince Rupert will have exoanded to handle further container volumes.

4. Let us finally recognize that Vancouver has maxed out its container terminal facilities.

Instead of wasting valuable federal and provincial resources, as well as taxpayer funds, on an environmental assessment why not provide the Estuary along with Roberts Bank the full environmental protection that an ecosystem as important as this one deserves.


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Roger Emsley
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2022-11-20 - 5:15 PM
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