From Allan Pauls to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada re: Comments on the GCT Deltaport Expansion - Berth Four Project

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I am strongly in favour of building this port expansion to aid in commerce.  Since we are in a global world, it’s time.

To quote my mother who is 90 yrs old:  ‘when you can’t see too far ahead, go ahead as far as you can see.’

To say this port will impact life negatively is a guess as to what lies in the future.  Whales are a minimum factor in the daily lives of people in BC.  If indigenous folks still hunted and ate whales, i would say the whales play a small part, but i don’t hear of them hunting whales anymore. Whales eat fish, they eat what we also live on.  No impact in the long term as I can see other than positive, I say so I would recommend strongly to build it.

Allan Pauls
Grand Forks BC

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