Best odds a hundred, 10 to 1 on the ROF road

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2021-01-18 3:59:39 PM

Read in the Chronicals of Canada quote "equal is the energy required to move 100 tons by water, as 10 tons by rail, as is 1 ton by land." end quote. So squaring the route of a roadbed. Rail companies put down ballast which is coarse rock. It takes mechanical energy to produce crushed rock. Building freeways in 1980 had provided me with income. At that time I was a crusher operator in the GTA. Coarse granular costs less to make and less product is needed as ballast. The equipment that grinds the material burns electricity. But burns diesel if there are no alternatives. So I say, draw kenetic energy from rivers without dams and flood the ambition with an environmentally safe solutions.


History in the Chronicles of Canada found January 4th,2021 in the collections of audiobooks on
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Abel Abbet
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