Ring of Fire

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2021-01-04 12:13:10 PM

In my opinion, mining in this region can both be made safe for the environment and produce jobs and income for many canadians. Because of the covid pandemic, many people lost their jobs. The construction of the road leading there can give an income to a lot of people, same for the construction of the mine, the transportation of the metals and the mining itself. 

With better technology today than ever before, I believe that we can mine the region safely. Electric vehicles, solar energy to power machinery, recycling waste, etc. The best way to assure safe environmental use is to have a panel that watches and votes on these issues. Have some provincial and federal appointees, some Noront executives and aboriginal representatives on the concil and vote on the issues. I believe it can be done and it'll be a great help to our struggling economy. 

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Mathieu Ouellette
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