Grassy Mountain Coal Project

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2021-01-15 18:13
  • Reference Number 4993
  • Strategy to Eliminate Environmental Concerns while Creating Long Term Economic Benefits and Cultural Renaissance
  • Oki (Greetings) Friends,  please see attached PDF for overview illustration (fig1.1 Hydroelectric Process) and more information including project phases. Summary  -  Strategy : Summary: The Colonial Resource Extraction States of Alberta and Canada are orchestrating an Australian company to decapitate Grassy Mountain with a strip coal-mining  operation; selling the coal to China for steel production in China.  Going back over 20 years in Crowsnest Pass history to the coal mining days.  Corporate Captured    Governments across the board see an easy opportunity for 1% royalty payouts through selling our primary resources to China.  The people are not impressed; and look for ways to protect our air and water from becoming uninhabitable.  Many say they will ...
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  • H20 Pressurized Primary Water Spins Turbines ELECTRICITY Hydro Electric Frequency Cracks the Water Molecule to pre- pare it for electrolysis. IRON H O HYDROGEN OXYGEN C CARBON + + + STEEL + H20 Surplus water and power Fig 1.1 The Primary Hydro-Electric Flowchart Grassy Mountain Carbon Gas From Grassy M
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  • Bio-Regional Community Restoration Plan for: Crowsnest Valley and Rocky Mountains. MAPS CONTENTS -CROWSNEST PASS INTRODUCTION MEDIA 3D MODELS VIDEO AUDO FULL PROPOSAL WORKING TECH PHASES TIME LINE SMELTING FORGE FOUNDRY DRILLING FOR PRIMARY WATER PERPETUATION OF COAL MINE CITY IN THE MOUNTAIN VENTING PIPES ARE MADE FROM CELLULOSE/ BIO//WOOD IN PROGRESS SCANNING HYDRO-ELECTRIC PM GENERATORS AND STATIONS POWER+WATER COMPANY STOREFRONT PROCESSING AND TESTING MINING THE RESTORATION PLAN DEFINITIONS PROPHECY HISTORY “Resource Extraction Syndrome:” A condition in which corporate entities have captured the demo- cratic process: wherein there is no pre-defined way for living humans to defend their lives against criminal corporations: Harvesting resources in a way that pollutes the environment so much that it threatens the lives and livelihoods of people, plants and animals. DEFINITIONS INTRODUCTION - CROWSNEST RESTORATION PLAN Summary ...


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