Please say No to Coal in Alberta's Eastern Slopes

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I’ve had a hard time formulating my comment about this because the issues - to my mind - are so far-reaching and the perceived benefits seem so short-sighted. 

I’ve read many comments from folks who are more knowledgeable than I am and who have more time to dedicate to the issue. However, with every comment or resource I’ve read -- against or in-favor -- about the proposed developments, I’ve become more disillusioned.

I cannot reconcile how open pit mining can co-exist in areas with species-at-risk like Alberta’s provincial fish (Bull trout) or the Westslope Cutthroat trout. I am concerned about the potential impact to water quality particularly as the areas in question feed into watersheds that irrigate the foods we eat and provide drinking water to much of the province.

Although the proposed project(s) would undoubtedly create employment opportunities I am concerned about the impacts to existing livelihoods - Eco-tourism, guiding, ranching. My husband and I own a Calgary-based fishing business that employs a dozen folks (full and part-time) year around and additional people during the summer season. Businesses like ours will be negatively impacted by open-pit mining in Alberta’s headwaters.  People will not visit to fish or recreate alongside an open pit mine.

Not to mention open pit mines have a life span. Royalties are dependent on commodity value and demand. And cleaner alternatives to coal for steel production (ie hydrogen) exist. 

I am appalled at the UCP government’s decision to rescind the 1976 Alberta Coal Policy particularly since that decision was made without public consultation. 

The bottom line from this Alberta resident, parent, angler, and business owner is that the risks are too many and the overall benefits are too few to proceed with these projects.

I respectfully ask that the Grassy Mine project be rejected, and that exploration in other areas along the Oldman and watersheds further north be halted. Additionally, I ask that the 1976 Coal Policy be reinstated to protect the headwaters and related ecosystems until Alberta’s land use planning has been completed with stakeholder consultation.


Nancy Storwick (Fish Tales Fly Shop)


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Nancy Storwick
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2021-01-10 - 1:19 PM
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