A recipe for disaster

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2020-08-21 6:28:05 PM

This project doesn't belong to a town that has 110K resident and priding itself to be 160K soon. The huge issue here is location. Trucks will be on the streets full of houses across the famous green belt (and Kelso Conservation) and will be a continuous reminder of how Canada has failed its citizens in urban planning. A logistics hub right by schools, hospital, farms, younger kods, and green belt. A hub far enough from the highway which will make it impossible for the trucks not to flood the streets with polluted articles and noise. I don't know how the future generations will forgive us if we get this approved. I am confident that another location just by the 401 highway is more suitable and makes more sense. In fact, it will be a better location for future expansion as well. I am confident that the committee will keep my 5 year old son and my 9 year old daugter in mind while they reject this noisy, polluting, and inappropriate project. My kids love to ride their bikes on Tremaine enjoying the escarpment sceneries.Will they be able to bike again? Will they be able to bike with their kids? What would I tell my grandkids if this project gets approved? Thank you for understanding

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Saleem Abu-Ras
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