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2020-10-24 9:26:10 PM

How can the Joint Review Panel be mandated to accept information regarding the location, extend, and exercise of potential of established Aboriginal or Treaty rights, but then not be able to make any determinations as to whether the Project would be an infringement of said potential or established Aboriginal or Treaty rights? It seems to me that the infringement of these rights is a major factor in environmental assessment. 

Personally, I believe this project will destroy the natural beauty and seriously jeopardize the environmental health of the region. Other public comments that call this Project a benefit to “all Canadians” are not speaking for local community members. 

Finally, holding consultations electronically should not be considered as a fair alternative. Indigenous groups are more at risk for COVID-19 and Indigenous Elders or Knowledge Holders who may normally provide feedback in-person may not be able to participate. Consultations and the environmental assessment should be put on hold until the pandemic is over.

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Riley Kucheran
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Public Notice - Marathon Palladium Project - Public comments invited on the draft Amended Joint Review Panel Agreement and Terms of Reference
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