Terms of Use


The Terms of Use govern a user’s access to publish information via the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry (the Registry) online commenting platform. Once a user has agreed to the Terms of Use, they will continue to be bound to them upon any future access and for subsequent submissions made via the online Registry commenting tool. Users accessing the Registry’s online commenting tool are solely responsible for the information they submit.


Access to the Registry online commenting tool is subject to third-party authentication via social media platforms as determined by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency). By using a valid social media account, users are bound by the terms of service of that social media platform, and its related policies and rules. The Agency is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of these social media platforms and does not endorse them or their content.

A user’s name and email address associated with the social media platform of their choosing will be used to authenticate their identity. The user’s name will accompany any submission made and will be posted online. The user’s name and email address will be held in the Agency’s databases in order to contact them should clarification be needed or should the user accept to be added to the Agency’s list of interested parties for future notifications.


If a participant does not wish to authenticate their identity via a third-party platform, they may still submit comments and information via other means. Participants should refer to the contact information listed on the relevant assessment page or policy document.

Suspension and termination of use

The Government of Canada is committed to providing a respectful online environment that values the diverse needs of Canadians and abides by all applicable federal legislation. For this reason, the Agency may terminate and/or suspend a user’s access to the Registry in the following circumstances:


If changes and/or amendments occur to the Terms of Use in the future, the Registry will automatically prompt users to accept an updated version. The Agency reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, at any time. Such modification shall be effective immediately upon being posted on the the Registry.

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