July 25, 2022

Caroline Morissette
Galaxy Lithium (Canada) Inc.
2000 Peel Street, Suite 720
Montréal (Québec) H3A 2W5
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SUBJECT: James Bay Lithium Mine Project – Analysis of the Responses to the Fourth Information Request

Caroline Morissette:

On July 7, 2022, the Joint Assessment Committee (the Committee) received the responses from Galaxy Lithium (Canada) Inc. regarding the haul road design for the above-named project. These responses are presented in the following document:

WSP, 2022. Technical note. Complementary Information Concerning Haul Roads – James Bay Lithium Mine Project. Prepared for Galaxy Lithium (Canada) Inc. 5 pages and appendices.

After reviewing the document, the Committee, in collaboration with the federal authorities involved in the environmental assessment, has determined that the additional information provided is complete. In this context, the federal timeline has resumed as of July 23, 2022.

If you need further information, please contact the project manager, Valérie Lauzon, by phone at <contact information removed> or by email at <email address removed>.

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Benoît Dubreuil
Co-chair, Joint Assessment Committee
Impact Assessment Agency of Canada


John Paul Murdoch
Co-chair, Joint Assessment Committee
Cree Nation Government

c.c.:    Kelly LeBlanc, Cree Nation Government
           Véronique Lalande, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
           Laurie Tremblay, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
           Valérie Lauzon, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
           Isabelle Vézina, Health Canada
           Marie-Ève Lenghan, Natural Resources Canada
           Annaïg Kervella, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
           Sylvain Martin, Environment and Climate Change Canada
           Catherine Gaudette, Transport Canada

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