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Joint Review Panel Extends Comment Period Deadline for Marathon Palladium Project

OTTAWA, June 2, 2021 — The Joint Review Panel (the Panel) for the Marathon Palladium Project has extended the end date of the public comment period regarding the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Volumes 1 and 2 of the EIS Addendum submitted by Generation PGM Inc. (GenPGM). The Panel recognizes that it is more challenging to undertake meaningful public engagement in light of the circumstances arising from Covid-19. Therefore, due to the on-going public health restrictions in place in Ontario, the Panel is extending the deadline for public comments from June 27, 2021 to July 26, 2021.

The Panel is seeking comments on the EIS Addendum (2021) (Registry # 727) and GenPGM's responses to the Review Panel's information requests (Registry # 749), and will consider all comments received from participants during the public comment period. The public, Indigenous groups, governments and other participants are invited to submit comments in writing on whether the information submitted by the proponent is sufficient to proceed to the public hearing, or whether the proponent should provide additional information.

Participants are strongly encouraged to send their submissions to the Panel as early as possible in the comment period and not wait until the deadline. The sooner the Panel receives the comments the quicker they can review, thus allowing for a more efficient and timely environmental assessment process. Two documents have been prepared to assist participants in reviewing the information and submitting comments. They can be found on the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada's online public registry (the registry), reference # 54755.

The Panel must receive all comments by July 26, 2021. All comments received on GenPGM's EIS Addendum and supporting documents will be posted to the registry.

Written comments in either official language should be emailed to

Contact for more information:

Cindy Parker
Co-Panel Manager, Marathon Palladium Project
Tel.: 613-219-4108

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