To help inform a determination under section 82 of the Impact Assessment Act 2019 (IAA 2019) in relation to the Access Road Upgrade at the Chalk River Laboratories, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is inviting comments from the public. The Chalk River Laboratories site is owned by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), a Federal Authority under the IAA 2019.  Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is responsible for the management and operations of AECL's sites, including the Chalk River Laboratories site, under a Government-owned, Contractor-operated arrangement.  The location of this access route is shared with the Department of National Defence, Garrison Petawawa (DND) which also has an obligation as a Federal Authority to make a determination under s.82 of the IAA 2019.  In this case, both parties have agreed to allow AECL to make a determination on behalf of DND and the Notice of Determination will reflect this.

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