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Fisheries and Oceans Canada must determine whether the proposed Rondeau Harbour - Jetty 5 Rehabiltiation, located in Rondeau, ON is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this determination, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination. All comments received will be considered public and may be posted online. For more information, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website.


Written comments must be submitted by October 31, 2020 to:
Kamil Biedka
867 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON, L7S1A1


Rondeau Harbour is located at the west end of Lake Erie, approximately 30 km south-east of Chatham, Ontario. The harbour is an active commercial fishing facility under the administration of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Small Craft Harbours Branch (SCH). The fishermen's basin is the primary commercial area of the harbour facilitating the loading and unloading of commercial fishing vessels via 7 jetties. SCH has been undertaking various repair and reconstruction projects of the jetties and harbour infrastructure throughout the years. 

SCH is looking to undertake a reconstruction project of Jetty 5 which has been found to have been in a deteriorated condition which was deemed unsafe for pedestrian and vehicle use. To accomodate the increased amount of commercial fishermen throughout the summer and busy fishing months, removal of the existing jetty and installation of a new one is needed. 

The existing timber pile and concrete deck structure will be removed to make way for a new steel pipe pile, steel frame, and concrete deck jetty as previously constructed in the harbour. 

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