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Milton Logistics Hub Project — Public Comment Invited on Draft Review Panel Agreement

June 8, 2016 — The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the Canadian Transportation Agency invite the public to comment on the draft Agreement to Establish a Review Panel for the proposed Milton Logistics Hub project in Milton, Ontario.

Once final, the Agreement will establish the mandate and authority of the review panel, as well as the procedures and timelines for the conduct of the review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 and the Canada Transportation Act.

The public, Indigenous groups and governments are invited to submit written comments on the draft Agreement in either official language by July 11, 2016.

A resource document to assist participants in submitting comments on the draft Agreement is available on the public registry. Documents submitted as part of the review will be considered public and will be posted on the online registry. After taking public comments into consideration, the Agreement will be finalized and made public.

To submit comments, or to be included on the distribution list and to be kept informed of the review panel process and activities, contact:

Joseph Ronzio, Panel Manager
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
160 Elgin Street, 22nd Floor, Ottawa ON K1A 0H3
613-948-1784 or 1-866-582-1884

The Canadian National Railway Company is proposing the construction and operation of a logistics hub, designed to transfer containers between trucks and railcars. The project would include a railway yard with more than 20 km of track and be located in Milton, Ontario, about 50 km west of Toronto.

The draft Agreement, along with more information on the environmental assessment, is available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry, at, reference number 80100.

More information on requirements for approval to construct a railway line under Section 98 of the Canada Transportation Act is available at

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