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Submit a project description


Step 1

To submit your project description, simply drag and drop or copy and paste a file from your computer onto the box below.

Note: If the transfer is not occurring, check to see that Java is installed on your computer and that you accept the certificate that was used to sign the Java application.

Step 2

An e-mail will be sent to you within 1 business day confirming receipt of your project description and explaining the next steps of the review process.


To report issues or to discuss alternate methods of transferring your project description please send your contact information to

Public Disclosure

The project description, including any annexes and appendices, will be circulated to relevant government departments and agencies. A summary of the project and a link or electronic copy of the project description will be made publicly available on the Agency website ( Copies of the project description may be provided to interested parties. If the confidentiality of any information is an issue, it should be discussed with the Agency prior to submitting the project description.

The Government of Canada accepts no liability whatsoever for any claim that might in any way arise as a consequence of the Government of Canada’s handling, use, publication or release of the project description, or the information contained therein, either in whole or in part. Proponents are wholly responsible to ensure that the project description is substantially accurate and that nothing contained in it is subject to any confidentiality requirements. Proponents are not to provide confidential, personal or proprietary information that should not be made accessible to the public.

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